Small House Living.

There is no bigger part of your life to design than your home.
In 2010 I made the decision to make this big part smaller.
I moved into a mere 30sqm self contained space at the
rear of a property in Brunswick. I still live there.


Firstly I needed to understand the space. I visualised the floor plan numerous times, measuring and improving on each occasion.


Downsizing your life requires designing, trust me. This was a difficult but life changing exercise in applying value to what you own and taking stock of your life. I still managed to move in with too much stuff to really do the space justice. Along the way I shed more things and began to find the beauty in the simplicity of small space living.


Dream Small.


Food design project.

TOME is about using food as a medium through which to design,
to provoke conversations around past, present and future eating practices.
The aim was to explore the idea of the ‘subnatural’ through food.


TOME was a series of dining events drawing inspiration from Calvin Schwabe’s 1979 book, Unmentionable Cuisine,in which Schwabe – a professor of veterinary epidemology and member of the International Committee for the Anthropology of Food and Food Habits, documents the use of ‘unmentionable’ ingredients (offal, insects, waste) in recipes from all over the globe.


Taking the form of a ‘pop-up restaurant’ serving a menu consisting of offal, weeds and waste, TOME aimed to provoke conversations around past, present and future eating practices.
Emily and I converted my small house into a into a pop-up restaurant, inviting strangers into my home and opening up a dialogue to discuss the conventions of our cuisine.



“Kirk’s latest collection walks the line between fashion and art.
It is handcrafted using materials from the traditional to
the exotic, including leather, sterling silver and human
hair. They are intriguing due to their atemporal quality.
The progressive pieces exist in a forgotten time where process and beauty
are inseparable. The materials are often aged or affected by various
natural techniques including leather treatments or rusting steel, creating
pieces of contemporary antiquity.”
-Yering Station


I’ve always had a curiosity for how things are constructed and clothing was no exception. I used to watch my Grandma fix my clothes when I was a kid. One day I bought myself a machine and taught myself how to make my own clothes.


Clothing is something we all take for granted today. It’s easy, fast and affordable.

I started my own label as a way to explore the contrary. My intent was to create clothing that could give the wearer a deeper, more emotive experience. Each piece was unique, often aged for months in the Australian weather and carried human DNA . I used natural materials such as silver, linen, leather and human hair.


Getting around.


Designing the way you move is becoming increasingly important, especially in a rapidly growing city such as Melbourne. In 2015 I decided to sell my car and commute to work on a bike.

I’m also a big champion of public transport, which is also important in a growing city. Despite Melbourne having a great network, I believe the service could be improved, along with public perception. I’ve enjoy designing creative products for the local public transport system and are currently working on a second app in my spare time. Ask me about it!