J. K. Kirk is a handmade clothing and jewellery label.

It was an experiment that lasted 4 years. My purpose was to explore the relationship people have to the objects they used and wore, testing the notion that this connection could be more profound.


J. K. Kirk
Handmade clothing and jewellery
2009 – 2013


J. K. Kirk was born out of a desire for meaning, an avenue in which to connect to the objects that surround you, especially those worn on the body.

In an age of materialism, mass production and throw away consumables I wanted to produce something that was laboured and ageless, yet modern in the sense that I could have not existed at any other time.

The label was an experiment, a way to see if the wearer could feel a more profound connection by using and surrounding themselves with objects that had a story, a known history, that they could share.

The pieces carried DNA of real people, sometimes the maker or wearer, and other times a complete stranger. Often pieces were left to naturally age in the Australian weather for months or up to a year at a time.